Some of the many people who trust Stockard Consulting to train leaders, acquire talent, and aid in the professional development of individuals as well as corporations include:

“The Leadership Academy is transformational, and it’s what we need for effective policing in the 21st century. Other programs identify and work with your personality, but this approach analyzes your behavior and helps you adapt it to specific situations and individuals. It’s much more effective, and my officers are well-prepared after completing the program.”

- Derrick Diggs, Chief of Police, Fort Myers Police Department

“We are able to analyze problems and find team solutions more quickly after going through this process. The program has helped everyone understand our expectations and what the appropriate actions and behaviors should be. Being able to revisit the lessons I’ve learned has been invaluable to my success as a team leader.”

- Mike Navarre, Police Chief, Oregon, OH

“The programs offered are comprehensive and take a different approach than other training methods I’ve experienced. This is a scientifically proven system with probing exercises that take a deep look into your organization, your operations, and your individual place within it all.”

- Dr. Sammie Robinson, Assistant Professor of Management, Houston Baptist University

“The programs are engaging and informative, and the presenters are well-prepared. They are highly organized and obviously do their research. Their excellent collaboration skills made it easy to meet the goals for our project in a timely manner.”

- Morris Jenkins, JD, PhD; Dean, College of Health and Human Services; Professor of Criminal Justice; Southeast Missouri State University

“The Stockard Consulting team clearly understands the needs of companies and partners with them to find the best methods to meet those needs. Their innovative techniques and forward thinking are valuable to the future success of any organization that works with them.”

- Amber Powers, VP Senior Project Manager, MB Financial Bank, Chicago, IL

“Very easy to work with, and they have the integrity to deliver what they promise. Stockard Consulting really understands how corporations and organizations work, but more importantly, they understand people.”

- Joe McCarty, Midwest Regional Manager, Polymer Technologies Inc., Chicago, IL

“Eric Stockard is professional, experienced, creative, and knowledgeable in all aspects of business and leadership. He is well-respected among business leaders and within the community for his dedication to people and passion for his work. He genuinely wants to see businesses and individuals succeed and reach their full potentials, and anyone who partners with him is making a wise choice.”

- Sam Kennedy, President, Strategic Partners, Inc., Canton, MI

image of a fireman fighting a fire

“It takes more than just the proper credentials to be an effective leader. This training offers practical tools to help you interact with people and react to real situations so you’ll be prepared for leadership roles.”

- Michael P. Bell, Former State of Ohio Fire Marshal

“The Leadership Academy has potential to highly impact our community. The exercises help you to better understand yourself and what motivates you, and this knowledge can improve your communication with others. Learning these skills would be a great way to bridge the line of communication between government officials and community members.”

- Debbie Barnett, N-SYNC Marketing Solutions, Toledo, OH

“Stockard Consulting mastered the ability to identify and fulfill our needs by providing information, service, and follow-up.”

- Jim Harris, President, University of San Diego

“The training you get through this comprehensive academy is something that the firefighting profession really needs, and all fire departments should participate in it. The three components are much more in depth and personal than anything that other training programs offer. These methods can help transform current leaders and develop those that aspire to be leaders in the future.”

- Steve Clyatt, Retired Deputy Chief, Fort Myers Fire Department